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Monday, January 24, 2011

Our RV lock mechanism failed and the door wouldn't unlock from outside.. I repaired with WD40

RV Door lock jammed and I can’t unlcok the door from outside, I got into my RV from driver side door.
the door opened perfectly from inside.

(you can try this one:  From outside  if pulling out unlocked door  can’t open door) when pulling out door handle and at same time with thumb push in hard other side, far end of handle this RV door lock below)
For an emergency I use any spray Lubricant with straw tip attached but WD-40 11005 Lubricant, Aerosol Can with Smart Straw, 8 Fluid Ounce, 3" OD, 2.63" Length straw is  permanently  attached and more easy to use and WD40 was in my tool bag,  after WD 40  spray job,  our RV door is easy to unlock and lock. 
As you seen in photos  I spray WD-40 11005 Lubricant, Aerosol Can with Smart Straw, 8 Fluid Ounce, 3" OD, 2.63" Length to every hole I can find, up, down, left and right and  from side in out and from top and so on.  
As with any product, I read the instructions and   the instruction for WD40 “SHAKE CAN WELL” so make sure to “SHAKE CAN WELL” before use

What if you have the only one door to RV and lock mechanism failed?, on some door the hinge pins can be removed tapping from the bottom and remove door.

This door lock repair was an emergency door repair and only WD40 was I can get, and in an emergency it is anything go to get jammed door lock open, I just repair what ever I have on hand than if fail I’ll think something else so far the door lock is working and see what will happen

If WD40 fail I will try other lubricant spray with straw
or  this one  3-In-One 10047 Dry Lube, Aerosol Can, 10 Fluid Ounce, 3" OD, 2.63" Length the web ad read "Won't attract dirt and dust"   this is the one I should be using  and see what will happen,

I already placed on order and I have one and below WD40 jobs holding up and door lock is working so no need to be jumpy and just take it easy.

Appear the problem was a Frail Lubricant inside door lock
The question is when did you Lubricated your door lock?  and  if answer is never,     use this
 3-In-One 10047 Dry Lube, Aerosol Can, 10 Fluid Ounce, 3" OD, 2.63" Length the web  ad read "Won't attract dirt and dust"  or non sticky graphite lube Dry Graphit lube spray (first job will be blast  Electronic Cleaner 
into the key slot to clean inside)and  if need heavy duty cleaner use   Carburetor Cleaner  butcould be too strong for paint to come off.
Not only for RV door lock,  it work for almost any lock.(car, apartment,  locker room, file cabinet lock etc) WD 40 was emergency use at middle of no where and my door is still working after one year, but if  RV Door lock jamme again, I will get Electronic Cleaner and blast Electronic Cleaner into the key slot to clean, then lube with non sticky graphite lube or Dry Graphit lube spray

Also I use WD40 to remove floor tile glue that ooze out from between floor tile  and use WD40  to remove chewing gum from carpet, I’m doing for years, and WD40 remove Henry HE208R004 Wet Patch Roof Cement from my hand and if my hand tool get dirty  I use WD40 to clean my tool.  No I’m not working for WD40 company, just happened that WD40 was in my tool bag.

If  WD 40  and or above  non sticky graphite lube job, fail I will remove the door lock and take a look if I need a new parts or new lock or not.

I wear a safety eye glass MSA Safety Works 817691 Over Economical Safety Glasses, Clear

Spray up ward between slid in out lock bar and lock cover plate

My other hand is holding a paper napkin ready to catch any drips
 Than move WD40 to the right and spray up

Than move WD40 to the left and spray

Pull out WD 40  half way and spray and pull out WD40  and re insert behind lock bar and spray

Move WD 40 to top and spray and pull out WD 40  half way and move WD40  straw (keep in the top hole)to the above big handle and spray and spray both side of lobsters claw you see at right side,
You see the dead bolt bar is parked on the half around hole for secure position? more on this one below

Spray inside the key hole,  if key hole cover is hard to get in with straw alone, stick in a nail to open up  and after WD 40 spray jobs  insert a key and turn left and right couple times and open/close door couple times,   you can try this one:  if pulling out unlocked door handle can’t open door, try this  when pulling out door handle(above photo-left side) and at same time with thumb push in at  other side of handle and you will hear a clicking sound and door open easy)  and good idea to do lube job
You see the half round hole under the deadbolt bar at end of finger ? This is for to keep the dead bolt open and stay in open  on a  bumpy road..   I  use a round file to make a half round hole, Round file KR Tools 10137 Pro Series Jobmates 9-Piece File Set     The problem was  my RV door dead bolt will slide in to locked some time when I drive over bumpy road/speed trap or sometime by open and close door movements.  So this  half round hole appears  prevents dead bolt to slide in to lock.

The door mat cut to fit $4 each from Wal Mart, this mat work very well., 2 stage dirt catching system, one mat at bottom and 2nd mat at top


Picker by the door, only 99 cent from 99 cent store, I use for when boondock to pick trash around RV  or whole one block (RV side around 5am-6am)or so  my trash picking is for thank you Mr. neighbourhoods for a boondock and makes neighbourhoods happy for clean side work
 I  do trash pickup after  boondock  just before take off around 5 AM or so also this is my part of morning work out and in case bad dog or somthing I take SABRE Compact Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring (Black))  and if I'm in the Bear or other big animals  area,   take FRONTIERSMAN Bear Attack Deterrent with Hip Holster The blue tape is for keep fire extinguisher holding bracket in place and no more bump in. the black(empty pea can-painted black) can next to the extinguisher is to hold a wasp killer spray I'm not sure if this Wasp killer spray will work on bad guy incase bad guy try to break into RV while we are sleeping inside

Safety eye glass
I wear a safety eye glass MSA Safety Works 817691 Over Economical Safety Glasses, Clear
 for repairs and  modifications or operating any power tool or spray job, this Safety eye glass fits over most prescription lenses and  meet American National Standards Institute ANSI Z87.1 Requirements,   My prescription glasses measure approx 5-1/2 inches across when folded and they fit just right inside these safety glasses.    Great For Power Tool Work and use at chemistry class and all  other school class that require a safety glass.

Recommend books I use and  for years I saved many repair bills,
New Fix-It-Yourself Manual: How to Repair, Clean, and Maintain Anything and Everything In and Around Your HomeAppears above books  turn average person into mini repair guru Mr. Repair.
You need to learn as much as possible about the subject so you can save money by doing most of the modifications or repairs yourself. Some things you may not be comfortable doing yourself, but at least you'll understand them and be able to evaluate quotes given to you by professionals.

More Modifications , scroll down to the very bottom Blog Archive
If your RV need repairs and you are middle of no where and can’t use Cell phone due to no cell signal so read these two book and yes we can repairs some RV problems, You need to learn as much as possible about the subject so you can save money by doing most of the modifications or repairs yourself. Some things you may not be comfortable doing yourself, but at least you'll understand them and be able to evaluate quotes given to you by professionals.

Why I started the Motor home modification USA blog and is for the fellow Rver to help them to install a Wave 3 Heater, than snow balled to other modifications
How are you going install a wave 3 heater behind a cabinet door? And sure you can do without my blog but
When you see couple photos of Wave 3 how I did, you can speed up installation of Wave 3 heater in your
Motor home, scroll down to the very bottom Blog Archive for Wave 3 heater
The only way to describe how I did was post photos and where to get the parts
That why you see many Amazon link for the parts and easy job for fellow RVers to order parts they need Couple clicks and you’re done.

If you find this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy feel free to help me continue helping everyone.
If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this free site. Thanks!
The biggest help is when you use link to Amazon, when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. It costs you nothing.

If you live at outside U.S.A, just scroll down at to country you live and if your country is not listed and if need help, send e mail to Amazon, click at “Help” scroll down to Amazon

Removed   Hydro Flame heater and use WAVE 3 heater (no need 12V) 
this mod is must for smaller RV to save space, created storage space. and save 12V house battery.
Are you outside the USA? No problem! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the
Amazon page, click the link for your country, and go.
Wave 3 heater attached to the cabinet door

I'm trying to setup a music class in orphanage and plan to buy couple dozen digital piano/keyboard and or combo of Electric guitar and or Acoustic-Electric Guitar
I compose music and already copyrighted my songs with US Copy light off

There is a donate logo at right top and min of $1 and up
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If you like to listen(free) my copyrighted songs
My home studio

I’m retired so every day is weekend  and travel in my RV
My bank account: setup to for certain % go to Orphanage when I die (I’m still healthy and  workout every day and eat right stuff and you know we all have to go someday)

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